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Wall split solar water heater working principle and characteristics

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Wall split solar water heater working principle and characteristics
Issue Time:2014-02-26

Split large wall- effective solar lighting area , high heat absorption efficiency , thicker insulation materials, full save every calorie . Flat-plate collector products for more than 30 years of life in sub-zero regions can also be used normally. Closed pressurized system , end-users of domestic water is heated by the flow of the medium rather than direct heat , so can always keep the tank clean domestic water and prevent water rust , scale formation . The media can not only unique and efficient solar collectors run as usual in the heat to prevent frost ( below minus 40 degrees Celsius) is also very low temperatures .

Split solar wall liner with anti -corrosion coating nano TINANO Calc , so the water tank in the living water is always kept clean. Dual temperature control system, to full

Foot rainy weather or poor weather conditions during use . Auxiliary heating domestic water according to the user 's habits, the flexibility to set the time period to control the heating , for

The area has been adapted TOU can also set the night mode , the system is more economical and energy efficient.

2 VS non-pressure tank pressure tank
Non- pressurized solar water heater ( one machine )

2.1 Works
Non-pressure solar water heater that is non- sealed water heater, water tank that is vented to the atmosphere , it is the pressure inside , by the potential energy of the water storage tank or siphon drainage work at work.

Cold water up into the tank , after reaching the set level, fill water system to stop working.

Circulating cold water tank down into the solar collector array , by solar radiation heating water temperature therein. Smaller than the proportion of cold water , thus forming a thermal siphon pressure , flow from the upper end of the lower end of the collector , hot water back into the tank , the tank cold water than the major circulating again down into the solar radiation collectors continue to be heated . So the cycle to rising water temperatures .

Without the aid of the external circulation method , called natural circulation solar collector system, which requires the collector tank bottom than 200mm above the upper collector , the collector array is generally suitable for the following 5 0m2 water system . It can not be higher than the water to where it only relied on the difference of the water overflow transported to go lower than where it is .

2.2 System Features
The system is a water pipe , manual Sheung Shui .

Non- pressurized solar water heater is to rely on the roof and down to the lower house of the natural pressure of the water , the water is certainly slower than the water pressure .

. Due to the non- pressurized solar water heater can be installed on the roof, the roof area is limited .

In addition will be water in the non-pressure water heater vacuum tube, water in the vacuum tube is not put out , which is a heat loss , water in the vacuum tube inside the only cause of heat loss , and winter is the bombing of the main reason.

3 pressurized water heater ( split wall )
3.1 Works
Pressure solar water heater a little class here we home electric water heater, and the atmosphere is not the same as the water pressure is to rely on the top of the water pressure , water pressure is relatively large .

Cold water into the tank , the tank jacket medium enters the collector array, the medium by solar radiation in the collector is heated , the temperature gradually increased to the tank jacket medium circulation , the water tank in the cold water is heated . When the hot water from the tank aside , the water level dropped , tonic cold start work when the water level reaches the set , fill water system to stop working. Meanwhile heat the jacket liner medium will continue to heat the cold water .

3.2 System Features
. Pressure solar water heaters are automatic water , by the water pressure of the water, the advantage of avoiding hot and cold water bath .

. Pressure tank position unrestricted anywhere outside of the collector array can be installed .

. Pressurized using a medium heat , winter coldness .

. Clover collector system will be pressurized tanks , thermal protection systems, heat transfer systems, thermal storage system integration design, product formation medium circulating inside a jacketed tank , optimizing the structure of the tank , increasing the heat transfer area, improve the heat transfer efficiency, a prominent anti-freeze properties.

. Jacket storage tanks with blue magic patented liner, with pressure , temperature , corrosion , scaling , long life characteristics.

4 advantages and characteristics of flat plate solar water heater
· Solar collector and the water tank separation installation , balcony wall mount , does not affect the building facades

· No external drive , natural circulation , weather solar water heater

· Water and media separation

· Built- tank electric auxiliary heating device , in the case of continuous cloudy or lack of sunshine , automatic start , ensure a stable water supply 24 hours

Jacketed tank , separation and heat transfer medium designed to ensure clean water and more health

Unlike conventional solar water heaters , the use of ceramic technology, the design pressure of the water tank , hot water pressure and ensure consistent water pressure to avoid the phenomenon of hot and cold , so that living water has a higher comfort. Jacketed heat exchanger tank structure will be used for domestic water separation medium collector loop, completely changed the traditional way of the first cycle of the solar system , not only to achieve the separation of the collector and the water tank installation , part of a closed heat exchanger design and the use of food-grade medium heat , avoiding the internal pipe scale , provides a more thorough cold (-30 ℃) program over the environment in normal use .

The principle of natural circulation solar system , dual energy supplement designed to provide hot water to enjoy the weather

Adapted to the family central hot water system design , the preferred solar hot water system as the main source of supply , and through the principles of natural thermal siphon , temperature control of the media in the tank jacket natural circulation and heat , gradually raise the temperature inside the tank , tank design incorporates conventional electric heating systems as a supplement to meet rainy weather or poor weather conditions during use .

Auxiliary heating domestic water according to the user 's habits, the flexibility to set the time period to control the heating , has been adapted for the TOU areas , night mode can also be set to make the system more economical and energy efficient.

5 Security Systems
Dual tank design current sensing circuit design , monitoring electrical heater in the firing line , neutral and ground lines have leakage current, once the water heater itself and the external grounding system exception occurs, the automatic three-pole momentary power outages, as unplugged for you create a more assured shower experience