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Colour Steel Passive Solar Water Heater

Colour Steel Passive Solar Water Heater
Colour Steel Passive Solar Water Heater
CategoriesUnpressurized Solar Water Heater
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TypeEvacuated Tube
Circulation TypeDirect / Open Loop (Active)
Heating SystemThermosyphon (Passive)
Connection TypeDirect-Plug
Housing MaterialColor steel
CertificationCE, ISO9001
Unit PriceUS $ 80-400 / set
Update Time2020-04-09
Detail Information

Colour Steel Passive Solar Water Heater 


Technical Parameters:


  Vacuum tube


  Φ47×1500    Φ58×1800    Φ70×2000

 Tube (pcs)

  15 / 16 / 18 / 20 / 24 / 30 / 36


  Borosilicate glass, magnetron spluttering selective coating



  Water tank


  100 ~ 500L for inner water tank

 Inner tank

  Food-grade stainless steel SUS304-2B


  Imported polyurethane integrated foam-forming 50~60mm

 Tank shell

  Color steel plate



  1.2 ~ 1.5mm in thickness


  Hot-dip galvanized steel plate


 Stainless bolts & nuts, Silicon rubber seal, Dustproof rubber seal, Plastic pipe holder

 Optional device

 Electrical heater, Intelligent controller / Assistant tank, Anod magnesium bar

    Tilt  angle

 25°~ 50°

  Water output


Hail resistance



Features description of Passive Solar Water Heater:


1. Beautiful in design and very convenient for family use.

2. Reliable and efficient with twin-glass solar tubes.

3. No corrosion: It can prevent corrosion caused by chlorine ion, sea water, salt water or buck water

4. No leakage: Apply for special anti-corrosion layer.

5. Sanitary water: The qualities showed above make it possible that water quality is pure and no twice pollution.

6. Using the polyurethane to preserve heat, this makes people enjoy hot water in cold evenings.

7. Designing the immersion heater hole in advance for the cloudy, snowy, rainy days.

8. Easy plug-in installation


Application:it is very popular in Asia, Africa, torrid zone and warm area.


Vacuum tube: Hail-resisting borosilicate glass with high-tech selective coating ensures an efficient solar collecting, tri-target vacuum tube with its patent interference coating makes the efficiency not only improved by 12% but also with a high temperature resistantce (380oC).


Inner water tank: Food-grade stainless steel SUS304-2B as inner tank keeps the water clean and drinkable, together with advanced welding technics to ensure it with a long lifespan (15 years).Water tank shell: Imported color steel plate, with its outer coating treatment ensures a long life even to ocean coast weather.


Insulation Layer: Germany-imported polyurethane integrated foam-forming with twice slaking treatment, preserves hot water constantly as long as 70~80 hours.


Supporting Bracket: Hot-dip galvanized steel plate with a good weight bearing and wind resistance(140 km/hr), super mechanical performance and corrosion resistance ensures a long life to ocean coast, easy installation, universal bracket suitable for either flat or slope roof installation.


Accessories: Stainless bolts & nuts, water-proof silicon rubber, anti-aging dustproof rubber seal, plastic pipe holder and ventilating cap to ensure their lives as long as other parts of the system


Optional Devices


Assistant tank, to automatically feed tap water into storage tank to keep it sufficient always

Electrical heater, as an auxiliary heating element in case of raining or snowing days so as to ensure a continous hot water supply

Intelligent controller, automatically controls water refill and startup of auxiliary heating device, more intelligent operation

Booster Pump, a choice for those area without tap water or with a unstable water supply


Warranty: 3 years international responsibility for integrated system and 15 years for glass vacuum tubes due to original quality problems

Colour Steel Passive Solar Water Heater 


Colour Steel Passive Solar Water Heater


Colour Steel Passive Solar Water Heater

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