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Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Energy Water Heaters

Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Energy Water Heaters
Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Energy Water Heaters
CategoriesIntegrated Pressure Solar Water Heater
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TypeVacuum tube with copper heat pipe
Circulation TypeIndirect / Closed Loop (Active)
Heating SystemThermosyphon (Passive)
Connection TypeDirect-Plug
Housing MaterialWhite color steel or PVDF steel
CertificationCE, GS, RoHS, ISO 9001:2008,SRCC,Solar Keymark,INMETRO,SGS
ApplicationDomestic hot water
Tank capacity100L - 300L
Solar collector typeTubular collector
Inner tankSUS304-2B or 316 stainless steel
Insulation layerImported high density polyurethane
Absorptive coatingCu-SS-ALN/AIN
Absorption rate0.92-0.95
Heat emission rate0.04-0.06
Unit PriceUS $ 150-800 / set
Update Time2020-04-09
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Knowledge of  Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Energy Water Heaters  


Working Principle:

Heat pipe pressurized solar hot water heater is a high efficiency closed loop thermosyphon system.

1. How vacuum tube heat pipe works.

Copper heat pipe has special heat conductive liquid in it, which has very low boiling point(20 °C -25 °C ).

Solar energy is absorbed by vacuum tube and then it is transmitted to copper heat pipe via the aluminum fin. As the special conductive liquid has low boiling point, it gets to boil easily.

The heated liquid becomes vapour with heat from sun goes up to heat pipe header(condenser)which is pluged into tank.After vapour reaches to cold water, it becomes liquid again and fall down to the bottom of copper heat pipe,and then starts a new circulation.

2. How the water in tank becomes hot.

Cold water in water tank absorbs the heat from copper heat pipe and become hot water and goes up to water tank top. At the same time,cold water falls down to bottom of water tank. As the copper heat pipe bring the heat from vacuum tube continuously, water in water tank will keep circulating.

3. How the hot water goes out.

As its name shows, it is a pressurized system, so this system must be a welded close loop system completely. It can connected with the city tap water system directly. Cold water inlet is installed on bottom and hot water outlet is installed higher than cold water inlet. Once you open the hot water outlet switch, cold water will come into the water tank bottom and push the hot water out.

This system is different from the non-pressurized gravity system, as long as the tap water pressure is enough, it can be installed on the ground even you use the hot water on third floor.

(Remark: Non-pressurized gravity system must be installed on a place where it is higher than the hot water use terminals.)


Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Energy Water Heaters  Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Energy Water Heaters



1. Using vacuum tube copper heat pipe solar collector,very high heat efficiency.

2. No water in vaccum tube when it works,even one or two vacuum tubes broke, the system can work normally.

3. It has perfect frost resistance performance, works well even in very cold places,such as Russia,Sweden,Mongolia.

4. Bearing high pressure(Max 7 bar),it can be connected with high pressure city tap water system.

5. Installation is freestanding,no limitation on installation location.

6. Easy installation and free maintenance.


Specifications for color steel series:


Item No.Solar Vacuum TubeStorage TankInsulationPackingContainer Loading
Qty / PcsSize / mmCapacity (L)mmcbm/set20GP40HQ
1. Inner tank: Food-grade stainless steel SUS304-2B 1.2-1.5mm
2. Tank Exterior Shell: High-quality white color steel plate 0.4mm
3. Heat Insulation: High-density polyurethane integrated foam-forming insulation layer
4. Vacuum Tube: Red copper heat pipe, three-target glass tube, aluminium fin and heat-resisting silicon seal
5. Bracket: Hot-dip black coated galvanized steel, universal bracket suitable for slope and flat roof installation
6. Optional Devices: Electric heater, Intelligent Controller, Anode magnesium bar
7. Accessories: T/P & Safety valve, Stainless bolts & nuts, Dustproof rubber seal, Adjustable plastic tube holder
8. Rated Working pressure: 6.0 Bar
9. Angle of bracket: 25°~50°
10. Anti-freezing:  > -40°C


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