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integrate solar geyser with copper coil

integrate solar geyser with copper coil
integrate solar geyser with copper coil
CategoriesCopper Coil Pressurized Solar Water Heater
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ApplicationWater Heater
Pipe MaterialCopper
Unit PriceUS $ 100-500 / set
Update Time2020-03-30
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Solar Water Heater
Copper Coil pressurizedintegrate solar geyser with copper coil

Working Principle of Copper Coil Pressurized SWH 

Because proportion difference exists between hot water and cold water, cold water flows downward and hot water goes upward. In other words, hot water always floats on cold water because of its larger proportion.

In nonpressurized system, cold water in storage tank flows downward into the glass vacuum tubes, and there it is heated with the solar energy absorbed with the coating sputtered on inner tubes, and when cold water in glass tubes becomes hot, it rises upward back to storage tank because of the larger proportion, how much hot water rises upward to the top of storage tank, how much cold water will flow downward into glass vacuum tubes at the same time, hence the circulation presents in the nonpressurized system.


The water circulates constantly between storage tank and glass vacuum tubes as long as the energy is absorbed from the solar radiation, and in this way the cold water in storage tank becomes hotter and hotter. Eventually, all cold water in storage tank will be heated enough for a whole day ready for our daily use.


A pile of copper coil installed in the storage tank will be heated by the hot water surrounded, so when cold water from inlet goes through copper coil, it absorbs the heat very efficiently all the way through copper coil pipe till out from outlet ready for daily use, this is so-called twice heat-exchange, in this way we get instant hot water continuously without the limitation of storage tank.



Optional Devices

Assistant tank, to automatically feed tap water into storage tank to keep it sufficient always

Electrical heater, as an auxiliary heating element in case of raining or snowing days so as to ensure a continous hot water supply

Intelligent controller, automatically controls water refill and startup of auxiliary heating devices

Booster Pump, a choice for those area without tap water or unstable water supply


Warranty: 3 years international responsibility for integrated system and 15 years for glass vacuum tubes due to original quality problems

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