exchange coil water heater
exchange coil water heater
CategoriesCopper Coil Pressurized Solar Water Heater
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TypeEvacuated Tube
Circulation TypeIndirect / Closed Loop (Active)
Heating SystemBatch / ICS (Passive)
Connection TypeDirect-Plug
Housing MaterialStainless Steel
CertificationCE, EMC, CCC/SRCC/Keymark
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Unit PriceUS $ 200-1,000 / set
Update Time2020-04-08
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 exchange coil water heater


exchange coil water heater


Parts & Specification

1,Inner Tank: Food-grade stainless steel SUS304-2B 0.4mm

2,Copper coil: High-quality heat-exchange copper coil Φ12*1.0mm

3,Tank Exterior ShellSilver fluorocarbon (PVDF) plate 0.4mm

4,Heat Insulation: High-density polyurethane integrated foam-forming layer with 72~80 hours heat preservation

5,Vacuum Tube: Borosilicate glass vacuum tube, single-target magnetron sputtering AL/AL-ALN(H)/AL-ALN(L)/ALN

6,Bracket: Hot-dip galvanized steel coated 1.5MM, universal bracket suitable for slope and flat roof installation

7,Accessories: Copper connectors, Stainless fasteners, anti-aging silicon seal & dustproof rubber seal

8,Working pressure: 6.0 Bar

9,Angle of bracket:25°-50°

10,Hot water Output:45-95°C



Inner Water Storage Tank:  Made of thick food-grade stainless steel SUS 304-2B with advanced argon arc welding tec hnic to ensure lifespan more than 20 years
High-quality copper heat-exchange coil winded a nd scattered evenly in storage tank makes  an efficient heat exchanger, it makes  a  pressurized preheat solar system.     


Tank Exterior Shell: Made of high-quality coated color steel, fluorocarbon plate or stainless steel all of which are erosion resistant, able to survive more than 20 years in ocean coast weather conditions, SU S304 stainless steel shell with  its better performance at all points enjoys much  popularity among our customers


Tank Insulation Layer:  High-density polyurethane integrated foam-forming layer with twice slaking treatment ensures heat  preservation as long as 72~80 hours 


Bracket: Made of thick galvanized or stainless steel or aluminum all of which are desi gned for 140 km/hr wind load and corrosion resistant to ocean weather conditions


Electrical Heater serves as backup heating element to ensures reliable a nd continuous hot water supply in rainy or cloudy days

Auxiliary Tank  works with its inner float ball valve to control water refill for storage tank automatically

Anode Magnesium effectively prevents solar system from water scale and erosion



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