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Compact Non-pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water Heater

Compact Non-pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water Heater

Compact Non-pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water Heater
CategoriesIntegrated Unpressurized Solar Water Heater
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Circulation TypeDirect / Open Loop (Active)
Heating SystemThermosyphon (Passive)
Connection TypeDirect-Plug
Housing Materialcolor steel
CertificationCE, RoHS, ISO9001:2008
ApplicationBathroom,Kitchen hot water use
Outer tankFood grade stainless steel SUS304-BA
Inner tankFood grade stainless steel SUS304-2B
Unit PriceUS $ 300-650 / set
Update Time2019-06-19
Detail Information

Compact Non-pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water Heater


Technical Parameters:


    Flat  Plate 

 Solar Collector

 Spec. (mm)

  2000*1060*70    2000*1060*80    2000*1060*90

 Cover Glass

  Tempered/ Texture tempered / Texture tempered low-iron glass


  Anodic oxide/ Selective coating / Black Chrome/ Blue Tinox


  All red copper core & pipes


  High-density glass wool and polyurethane foam


   Water tank


  100L/ 120L/ 150L/ 200L/ 250L/ 300L/ 400L/ 500L

 Inner tank

   Food-grade stainless steel SUS304-2B


   High-density polyurethane integrated foam-forming layer

 Tank shell

    Stainless steel SUS304-BA



  1.2 ~ 2.0mm in thickness


   Hot-dip galvanized steel / Stainless steel / Aluminium alloy

Optional device

 Intelligent controller, Thermostat electrical heater, Anode magnesium, T&P relief valve


 6.0 bar

    Tilt angle

 25°~ 50°

  Water output



Features description:

INLIGHT non-pressurized flat plate solar water heater composes of  flat plate solar collector,  storage tank, supporting bracket and interconnecting pipeline and valves. 

Flat Plate Solar Collector:

1) Copper core absorber and pipes in flat plate as heat exchanger, with a quick startup and super efficiency.

2) Four high-tech methods of coating (Anode oxide/ Selective coating / Black chrome / Titanium-Nitride-Oxide) to meet your different requirements

3) Ultrasonic technology ensures seamless jointing of copper core and pipes

4) Modularized collector, arbitrary combination with architectural structure, adaptable to either slope or flat roof, little maintenance needed


Inner water tank: Food-grade stainless steel SUS304-2B as inner tank keeps the water clean and drinkable, together with advanced welding technics to

ensure it with a long lifespan (15 years).


Water tank shell: Stainless steel same with inner water tank as outer shell is much more durable and super in anti-erosion aspect, much more durable

even to ocean coast weather.


Insulation Layer: Germany-imported polyurethane integrated foam-forming with twice slaking treatment, preserves hot water constantly as long as 70~80 hours.


Supporting bracket:

INLIGHT supporting bracket are specially designed for flat plate solar water heater which can be adaptable to different roof structures. It is make of strong hot-dip galvanized steel plate with a super weight bearing and wind resistance design (140 km/hr), painting or baking process ensures a super mechanical performance and corrosion resistance


1)  Electrical heater, as an auxiliary heating element in case of raining or snowing so as to supply hot water continuously

2)  Magnesium rods, soften hard water so as to protect system from water scale effectively

3) Intelligent controller, automatically controls water refill and startup of auxiliary heating device, more intelligent system operation

4) T/P relief valve: Also called safty valve for protection of storage tank from excess water pressure


Warranty: 3 years international responsibility for integrated system and 10 years for flat plate due to original quality problems

Compact Non-pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water HeaterCompact Non-pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water HeaterCompact Non-pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water Heater

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Compact Non-pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water Heater

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