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Black chrome Flat-plate Solar Water Heater

Black chrome Flat-plate Solar Water Heater

Black chrome Flat-plate Solar Water Heater
CategoriesIntegrated Unpressurized Solar Water Heater
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Circulation TypeIndirect / Closed Loop (Active)
Heating SystemThermosyphon (Passive)
Connection TypeDirect-Plug
Housing MaterialColor steel
Connection TypeDirect-Plug
Unit PriceUS $ 250-400 / set
Update Time2019-06-19
Detail Information

Inlight flat plate solar water heater is a tank of roof-mounted system,using the thermosiphon principle to transfer heat from collector to water inside tank.The thermosiphon coating:selective absorb coating and hot water rises.The collectors are coated with a heat-absorbent surface which absorbs the sun rays and heats the fluid in the collector.As the fluid heated,it rise the top of the collector panel and into the tank where it displaces cooler fluid which flows in to the bottom of the collector panel where the process is repeated.

The more temperature difference between the fluid in the collector panel and water in the tank,the faster flowing and heat exchanging

150 Liter Flat Plate Solar Water Heater
1,Withstanding P:0.6Mpa
2,Integrated system
3,Suit for hot area
4,Easy installation


Black chrome Flat-plate Solar Water Heater


1. Safe and steady

Flat plate solar collector uses all cooper fluid tube; System operating is steady; components are not easy to be damaged;

2. Pressurized operating

Working pressure is 0.6Mpa; designed pressure is 1.2Mpa; the hot water is forced to stream out from the top; it is convenient to use.

3. High heat efficiency

Absorbing coating of the collector is black chrome and blue sputtering; absorbing rate is 92-96%, and emission rate is 5%-15%; heat efficiency is high

4. Good temperature preservation

Thickness illustration layer is 50mm; constant temperature high pressure quantitative foam; less than 5 Celsius Degree per 24

5. Long using life

Inner tank is 1.2-2.0mm stainless steel; resist high temperature and corrosion; 15 years using life.

6. Several models fulfill different user need

According to customers’ requirement, we put our several modes with different specifications to suit flatlet, villa, hotel and factories. , etc

7. Easy installation

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