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Vacuum Tube Industrial Solar Water Heater

Vacuum Tube Industrial Solar Water Heater
Vacuum Tube Industrial Solar Water Heater
CategoriesSolar Hot Water Heating System
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TypeEvacuated Tube
Circulation TypeDirect / Open Loop (Active)
Heating SystemThermosyphon (Passive)
Connection TypeDirect-Plug
Housing MaterialColour Steel
Unit PriceUS $ 1,000-20,000 / set
Update Time2020-03-29
Detail Information

Industrial Solar Water Heater

Working Principle:
1) Firstly, all storage tanks shall be filled with cold water

2) The water in vacuum tubes then will be heated with solar radiation

3) In case the temperature in storage tank does not reach set value you want, then the auxiliary electrical heater would start to assist heating

4) Eventually the water in every solar water heaters will get heated enough as expected ready for use



1. Especially for large-scale hot water heating system, supplying hot water for apartments, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, factories, swimming pools, and other places requiring large amount hot water use.

2. Very economical system and of good performance for a 15 years lifespan

3. Adaptable to different architecture structure installation

4. Anti-freezing system with good insulation to the pipelines

5. Easy installation and connection of solar collectors and pipelines

6. Able to be disigned to work with axuiliary heating devices to assist solar water heating



  1. The most economical solar water heater for domestic hot water;
  2. Simple structure with very easy installation and pipeline connection;
  3. INLIGHT argon-arc welding and in-house testing ensures a long lasting tank without any leakage problem;
  4. INLIGHT makes a high-density integral PU insulation layer for a long time heat preservation 75~80 hours;
  5. INLIGHT solar vacuum tube is made of high borosilicate glass with stable performance and no blasting problem for 15 years;
  6. INLIGHT stainless steel frame for both slope and flat roof installation, with stainless steel fastener to protect device from rusty problem;
  7. INLIGHT non-pressure solar water heater can be equipped with many optional devices to make an automatic-operating system;
  8. We install sample solar water heater for every order before delivery to ensure no mistakes or missing parts for customers.

Vacuum Tube Industrial Solar Water Heater

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