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Non pressure Domestic Solar Hot Water System

Non pressure Domestic Solar Hot Water System
Non pressure Domestic Solar Hot Water System
CategoriesSolar Hot Water Heating System
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TypeEvacuated Tube
Circulation TypeDirect / Open Loop (Active)
Heating SystemThermosyphon (Passive)
Connection TypeDirect-Plug
Housing MaterialColor steel
Unit PriceUS $ 1,000-10,000 / set
Update Time2020-04-03
Detail Information


Solar Hot Water Heating System 



Solar Hot Water Heating System consists of solar collectors, project storage tank, pipelines, controlling system, pumps and other accessories.


Working Principle:
1) Firstly, the storage tank shall be filled with cold water, the collector loop shall be pumped with water

2) The water in collector loop then will be heated with solar radiation to vacuum tubes

3) When temperature discrepancy sensed between solar collector and storage tank reaches set value in controller, the controller shall start the circulation pump automatically
4) The circulation pump makes water circulate in the loop
5) Hot water would be pumped into storage tank and the loop again be pumped with cold water from the bottom of storage tank
6) In case the temperature in storage tank does not reach set value you want, then the auxiliary electrical heater would start to assist heating
7) When temperature discrepancy sensed between solar collector and storage tank is below the set value in controller, the circulation pump shall stop automatically

8) If the water temperature has not reached the expected value set in the controller, then the auxiliary heating device would start to assist solar water heating

9) Eventually the water will get heated enough as expected ready for use



1. Especially for large-scale hot water heating system, supplying hot water for apartments, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, factories, swimming pools, and other places requiring large amount hot water use.

2. Very economical and of good performance for a 15 years lifespan

3. Adaptable to different architecture structure installation

4. Anti-freezing system with good insulation to the pipelines

5. Easy installation and connection of solar collectors and pipelines

6. Able to be disigned to work with axuiliary heating devices to assist solar water heating


Technical Parameter:

  Vacuum Tube

 Tube size

  Φ47*1500/1800mm; Φ58*1800/2000mm; Φ70*2100mm


  Single-target AL-N/AL or three-target SS-AL-N/CU coating

Tube Qty

10 ~ 36 Tubes

   Water Tank


 100~ 300L

 Inner  tank

  Stainless steel SUS304-2B /SUS316L


  Integral high-density polyurethane foam

 Tank shell

  High-quality Color Steel plate



  Hot-dip galvanized steel coated

 Tilt  angle

  20°- 50° according to local latitude

  Optional Device

 Electrical heater, Intelligent controller, Assistant tank, Anode magnesium

   Water Output

 45-95oC according to local solar irradiation and duration

Hail Resistance


Wind Resistance

140 km/h


Working Theory:

Since the density of hotter water is much small than colder water, the hotter water is always floats upon colder water.

The coat of vacuum tube absorbs solar irradiation to warm water inside tube, hotter water rises from tubes to storage tank, and the same time colder water in storage tank sinks down to vacuum tubes, this natural convection will last till the water in whole system reaches the highest temperature due to local solar irradiation and duration in a single day.



1.The most economical solar water heater for domestic hot water;

2.Simple structure with very easy installation and pipeline connection;

3.INLIGHT argon-arc welding and in-house testing ensures a long lasting tank without any leakage problem;

4.INLIGHT makes a high-density integral PU insulation layer for a long time heat preservation 75~80 hours;

5.INLIGHT solar vacuum tube is made of high borosilicate glass with stable performance and no blasting problem for 15 years;

6.INLIGHT support frame for both slope and flat roof installation, the fasteners are high-quality stainless steel without rusty problem;

7.INLIGHT non-pressure solar water heater can be equipped with many optional devices to make an automatic-operating system;

8.We install sample solar water heater for every order before delivery to ensure no mistakes or missing parts for customers. 


Optional Device:

Assistant tank, a device installed on top of storage tank, with a float ball valve inside to control water refill for storage tank automatically.

Electrical heater, an electricity based heating device installed in storage tank to assist solar water heating in cloudy or rainy days.

Intelligent controller, a device with sensor and valve for automatic water refill and temperature display, if necessary control electric heater.

Anode magnesium:a device installed in hot storage tank to effectively prevent solar system from generating water scale.

Reflective plate: choose to install aluminum or stainless steel reflective plate under tubes for higher efficiency in solar water heating.



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