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Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Collector Keymark

Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Collector Keymark
Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Collector Keymark
CategoriesHeat Pipe Solar Collector
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ApplicationWater Heater
Pipe MaterialCopper
Unit PriceUS $ 200-400 / set
Update Time2020-04-08
Detail Information
Product Description

Solar Collector Keymark  

1)the special design provides the romantic spring hot water for family.

2) completed new heat conduction, high solar collecting performance, thermal efficiency is 98%, make sure for the badly cold environment in Norther Europe.

3) completed pressurize


Technical Parameters

       Heat Pipe 

   Vacuum  Tube

  Spec. (mm)

  Φ 47× 1500        Φ 58× 1800   

  Tubes (pcs)

  12 / 15 / 18/ 20 / 25 / 30


 Three-target vacuum tube, red copper heat pipe, aluminum fin



Pressurized Manifold

  Flow passage

  High-quality red copper Φ 35*1.0mm

  Outer shell

  Aluminum alloy plate 2mm


   Processed high-density polyurethane  foam-forming 30mm


  Aluminum alloy 1.8~2.0mm


  Stainless bolts & nuts, dustproof rubber seal, plastic pipe holder

  Working Pressure

  12 bar

      Tilt Angle

  25° ~ 90° (-5° upright or level shift)

  Hail Resistance

  Φ 25mm diameter


  ≤ (-)40° C



Features description Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Collector Keymark :

1) Copper heat pipe tube and inner medium for thermal transmission, with a quick startup and super efficiency

2) No water flows into vacuum tubes, system works well with withdrawal of one or several heat pipe vacuum tubes

3) Super efficiency of insulation with polyurethane foam; No vent with less heat loss as compared to nonpressurized type

4) System withstands pressure more than 6 Bar, can be connected directly with tap water, more safe system and comfortable hot water use.

5) System can be equipped with auxiliary electric booster and intelligent controller for solar heating assistance and automatically system control

6) Simple structure, easy for assembly and installation on different structure

7) Can be used all year round even works well in extremely cold climate

8) Long lifespan, can be of good service more than 30 years


Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube: Three-target galss tube, aluminum fin and heat pipe with its inner medium together makes an efficient solar collecting device for heat exchange, efficiency generated about 55% in summer and 42% in winter more than that of all-glass vacuum tube.


Inner water tank: Thickened food-grade SUS304-2B stainless steel as storage tank keeps the water clean and drinkable, advanced automatic argon-arc welding technics ensures a very long lifespan (more than 30 years)


Water tank shell: Color or PVDF steel plate with paintings special processed, much more durable and appealing with super mechanical performance, and survives several decades to ocean coast envirionment.


Insulation Layer: High-density polyurethane integrated foam-forming with twice slaking treatment


Supporting Bracket: Aluminum alloy plate, good weight bearing and wind resistance design (140 km/hr), super mechanical performance and corrosion resistance ensures a long life to acid rain. easy installation, universal bracket suitable for either flat and slope roof installation


Accessories: Safety valve and relief valve, Stainless bolts & nuts, anti-aging dustproof rubber seal, plastic pipe holder to ensure their lives as long as other parts of the system


Optional Devices:


Electrical heater, as an auxiliary heating element in case of raining or cloudy days so as to ensure a continous hot water supply


Intelligent controller, automatically controls startup and ceasing of auxiliary heating device with temperature sensor, more intelligent operation


Anod magnesium bar: Soften hard water in system so as to protect the storage tank from water scale


Warranty:  5 years international responsibility for integrated system exchange and 15 years for vacuum tube compensation due to original quality problems


Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Collector Keymark


Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Collector Keymark


Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Collector Keymark

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