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Vacuum Tube heat Pipe Solar Collector

Vacuum Tube heat Pipe Solar Collector
Vacuum Tube heat Pipe Solar Collector
CategoriesHeat Pipe Solar Collector
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TypeEvacuated Tube
Circulation TypeDirect / Open Loop (Active)
Heating SystemBatch / ICS (Passive)
Connection TypeSplit
Housing MaterialStainless Steel
hail resistancediameter 25mm
Unit PriceUS $ 100-500 / set
Update Time2020-04-08
Detail Information

air heating /water heating solar thermal collector, vacuum tube heat pipe solar collector


How it works:

This system uses heat pipe with no water to collect the solar energy. Then there is a copper coil inside the tube as heat exchanger. All energy gathers and conducts to the heat pipe. The item is connected with water tank , it goes to the tank by runner. This product can be used for split solar system. or used in big project to get enough energy to heat big quantity of water.


Different use:

1) water heating.

     This system is used in big project for water or harmony with water tank (split solar system). It is the most common used method we usually have.



2)air heating.

    It is a new project for us. We use it for hotting the air. Many factories need it for drying raw material, tea etc. It works the same with water heating project.





1) Solar tubes collects the energy and change it into heat;it works by the copper coil inside the tube.

2) There is anti-freeze liquid circulated through the header. So it is still work in winter.

3) Water boiler do not need to be installed above the collector, which is harmony with family

4) It is not easy to beak in winter, as no water inside the tube.

5) Even having some tube breakage,it can still work freely.

6)vacuum tube heat pipe system

7)pressurized item

8)used for split system


Vacuum Tube heat Pipe Solar Collector

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