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Keymark certified Solar Thermal Collector

Keymark certified Solar Thermal Collector
Keymark certified Solar Thermal Collector
CategoriesHeat Pipe Solar Collector
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ApplicationWater heater, house heating, floor heating, pool heating
Pipe Materialglass tube+copper pipe
certificateSolar Keymark,SRCC,ISO,GMC,TUV,SGS
Unit PriceUS $ 150-400 / set
Update Time2020-04-08
Detail Information

Keymark certified Solar Thermal Collector


1.Technical Parameters 

Heat  Pipe 
Vacuum Tube
 Size (mm)  Φ47×1500    Φ58×1800  
 Tubes (pcs)  12 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30
 Material  Three-target vacuum tube, red copper heat pipe, aluminum fin
 Coating  Cu/SS-ALN(H)/SS-ALN(L)/ALN
Pressurized   Manifold Flow passage  High-quality red copper Φ35*1.0mm
 Outer shell  Aluminum alloy plate 2mm
 Insulation  Processed high-density rockwool/ polyurethane
Bracket Aluminum alloy 1.8~2.0mm
Accessories Stainless bolts & nuts, dustproof rubber seal, plastic tube holder
Working Pressure 6.0-9.0 bar
Tilt Angle 25°~ 90° (-5° upright or level shift)
Hail Resistance Φ25mm diameter
Anti-freezing ≤ (-)40°C


2. Solar thermal Collector Features description:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

The heat pipe solar collector consists of heat pipe glass vacuum tube, pressurized manifold, supporting bracket and other related accessories

1) Solar heat pipe and its inner medium for thermal conduction, with a quick start and super daily efficiency about 55% in summer and 42% in winter, much more than that of the all-glass tube 

2) The flow passage is inner closed and pressurized, no water or medium goes through glass vacuum tubes, no freeze to break vacuum tubes, able to serve in extremely cold weather

3) Heat pipe tip is inserted into a closed cannula welded into the copper flow passage, collector works well even withdrawal one or several heat pipe vacuum tubes

4) Aluminum alloy as bracket with super performance in chemical resistance, universal bracket suitable for slope and flat roof installation

5) Modularized collector, arbitrary combination with any architectural structure, adaptable to either slope roof or flat ground or upright walls, almost maintenance free collector


3 years international responsibility for solar collector and 15 years for glass tubes due to original quality problems



 3.Solar thermal collector  Installaion pictures:



Keymark certified Solar Thermal Collector


Keymark certified Solar Thermal Collector



 Keymark certified Solar Thermal Collector




Keymark certified Solar Thermal CollectorKeymark certified Solar Thermal Collector






4. About us

Since 1995 Haining Yinuo Electric Company has dedicated itself to saving global resources by supplying the world with superior solar water heating systems.

Its solar water heaters and solar collectors are certified with Solar Keymark EN12975, SRCC OG-100, CE and ISO and have a quality reputation throughout China, East Europe, South America, South Africa and many Middle-East countries. It produces 48,000 solar water heaters and installs 2,700 largescale industrial solar water heating systems per year, 60% of which are exported to overseas markets.

You are welcome to surf around HAINING YINUO Company's website, compare our products, and ask us questions, we are just a click away from you.

Keymark certified Solar Thermal Collector

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