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Pressure Solar Workstation System

Pressure Solar Workstation System
Pressure Solar Workstation System
CategoriesSolar Pump Station
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TypeSolar Water Heater Parts
ApplicationSolar water heater
Unit PriceUS $ 200-500 / set
Update Time2020-04-05
Detail Information


Workstation suitable for double-pipeline Split pressurized solar system

1. Designed for self-sustaining solar operation
2.Easy installation, save cost, beautiful appearance
3.Easy to check the flux of pipeline, temperature display.

4. Constant air separation during line operation,check system whether leakage.

1.Safety valve:
protects the system components against excessive over-pressure in all operating phases.
2.Ball valve,check valvebrass material
3.WILO pump, this pump is a standard device in the system,it required operating point can be preselected using one of the three levels.
4.Manometer, adopt hydraulic aseismatic manometer with a range from 0 to 10 bar indicates the system pressure.
5.Connect of expansion vessel: install expansion vessel,avoid the system working at minus pressure.
6.Flow sensor, timely monitor medium flow of the whole system..
7.Exhaust setting, adopt spray-paint steel tube, it can release air cause of medium flow in the pipeline. According air quantity and frequency which cause of system, we can examine whether this system have leakage phenomenon.
8.Pipeline temperature display: medium temperature between right trip and return trip, can be displayed at first time. Temperature sensors are packed in a tube, Do not need to turn off any parts when replace it.
9.Medium inlet, turning the handle 90° to left so that medium can be injected in it..
10. Heat preservation material: EPS
11. Screw thread: 1/2inch.
SOlar wokstation

12. Maximum working temperature of pipeline: 110oC

Solar Workstation System


Technical data


Model ILA-SP228
1.Externality size: 450mm*310mm*150mm
2.Max. self consumption: ≤3W
3.Accuracy of temperature measuring: ±2oC
4.Range of temperature measuring: 0~150oC
5.Power of controlled pumps(temperature difference circulation pump, water-using end circulation pump) or electromagnetic valve : 600W
6.Electronical booster power: ≤3000W
7.Input signal: 6 temperature sensors (PT1000 for heat collector, NTC 10k B=3950 for water tank)
8.Output signal: 5 (electronic booster, 4 pumps or 3 pumps and 1 three way electromagnetic valve)
9.System working pressure 8 bar and safety valve response pressure 6 bar.


Pressure Solar Workstation System



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