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Expansion Vessel for split solar system

Expansion Vessel for split solar system
Expansion Vessel for split solar system
CategoriesSolar Water Heater Accessories
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TypeSolar Water Heater Parts
Applicationsplit heat pipe system
Unit PriceUS $ 20-60 / set
Update Time2020-04-05
Detail Information

Expansion Vessel,

Technical Parameters


Capacity of

  Expansion Vessel 

  Working Pressure 


   Suggested Capacity of    

pressurized water tank


10 Bar

100L ~ 150L


10 Bar

200L ~ 250L


10 Bar

300L ~350L


10 Bar

400L ~450L


10 Bar



Features description:

1).Expansion vessel is used in separate pressurized solar water heating system.

2).It helps the solar system bear huge pressure.

3).Closed-loop heating systems require an expansion tank. An expansion tank has a chamber in which air is locked inside a bladder or diaphragm. It screws into standard 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch threaded plumbing fittings. When pipes are filled with medium liquid (water and glycol), and the operating pressure of the system is set, the liquid will occupy a given volume based on the temperature. As the liquid is heated by the sun, it expands. This is where the expansion tank is critical. Without it, something would blow! The expansion tank allows the liquid to safely expand by compressing the air in the chamber. The size of the expansion tank needed depends on the total volume of liquid, which is determined by the number and size of collectors, and the length and diameter of the pipes in the solar loop.

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